Toilet Repair

Jiggling the handle no longer works, and the water valve continually runs. What you thought was a do-it-yourself fix now has your toilet asking you to call One Call Plumbing Service for a free estimate.

Our professional plumbers offer toilet repair services to clear a clogged toilet drain, repair a leaky toilet, or one that lacks flushing power, as well as replace broken and worn toilet parts. One Call Plumbing’s toilet repair services can quickly and correctly diagnose the problem. In most cases our plumbers will have the required parts on hand in order to perform your toilet repair service, and have any toilet working like new in very little time.

Toilet Installation

In addition to toilet repair services, we can also perform any toilet installation. With One Call Plumbing’s toilet installation services, we can install low-flow or high-efficiency toilets to replace old toilets. Non low-flow toilets that were built before 1994 can waste a significant amount of water, as these old toilets typically use 3.5 gallons per flush. New low-flow toilet designs are much more efficient using only 1.6 gallons but still offering the same flushing power.


Water Heater Repair

Gas and electric water heaters can become damaged, leak, or simply stop heating water, all of which are dangerous and require repair. No matter what the problem is with your water heater we can offer the professional water heater repairs you need.

Water Heater Installation

At One Call Plumbing Service, we offer installation service for traditional electric and gas water heaters as well as tankless water heaters.


Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heaters are energy efficient water heaters that heat water on an as-needed basis. Economical and space saving, tank-less water heaters are an efficient solution for any home, regardless of size. If your home is already equipped and experiencing the amazing benefits of a tankless water heater, then consider yourself ahead of the plumbing trend. If not, give us a call to update your traditional water heater to a tankless water heater, and start enjoying the benefits of greater energy efficiency.