One Call Plumbing Service employs the most experienced plumbers and uses the most cutting-edge equipment in the sewer and drain cleaning industry. From grease and root removal in sanitary sewer lines, to sand and heavy debris removal in storm water systems, our hydro-jetting service is the fastest and most effective method to get your pipes flowing again. Our drain clearing and cleaning services are affordable and beneficial for both residential and commercial customers. With our professional drain cleaning and clearing services, our plumbing experts can unclog any drain and have it working like new. One Call Plumbing Service not only offers 24/7 hour emergency drain services, but we can also schedule routine maintenance for your drainage system.

Over time, the drain line outside will build up with sediment and grease. Hydro-jetting is like power washing the inside of your drain lines. Periodic hydro-jetting is a must for restaurants and a big plus for homeowners.

Most home and business owners are not aware or fully knowledgeable of their responsibility to the city sewer lines – the pipes that connect from the city sewage system to their home or business. Main sewer lines are the largest drains in your home and all other drains lead to these lines. If your sewer line becomes clogged, it can cause the other drains in your home or business to back up resulting in out-of-pocket expenses that most of us are not prepared for. If this happens to you, we offer emergency sewer line clearing services 24 hours a day seven days a week to diagnose and resolve your sewer line problem.

One Call Plumbing Service also feels it is important to educate their clients on how to responsibly care for residential and business sewer lines to maximize the life of their pipes. As a preventative measure, OCPS uses video inspection technology, to inspect the sewer lines after they have been cleaned, in order to verify the condition of the sewer pipes.

Storm water is runoff from parking lots, streets and other open areas in urban settings that potentially contribute to surface water pollution. Storm drains, ditches and culverts lead to the nearest river, stream or wetland. When it rains, the storm water flows over streets, roofs, lawns, and parking lots and may pick up oil, sediment, bacteria, grease and chemicals that can pollute the local environment.

It is critical that storm water flows away from your home. Poor storm water drainage can weaken a home’s foundation. The collection of storm water near your home’s foundation can cause flooding to your basement and the possibility of a basement wall collapse. One Call Plumbing Service can provide a variety of techniques to keep poor storm water drainage from becoming a serious problem.