Pipe Lining Services

At some point, you will have a pipe problem. Whether it be corrosion, blockage, lime scale or root intrusion, inevitably there will be an issue, and that issue may require re-lining of your pipes. Pipe re-lining will seal any holes or cracks that may exist, fill gaps or missing pieces of pipeline, ensure a seamless pipe with no joints from beginning to end, halt water infiltration, exfiltration and stop root intrusion. Although there are several advantages to this type of pipe repair, many people are reluctant to go forward with what they think is a troublesome undertaking that will destroy their property.

Let One Call Plumbing save you the hassle and headache of an unsightly excavation. We are the only plumbing service (in the area?, on the Gulf Coast?) that offers the PERMA-LINER™ trenchless pipelining technique. Trenchless pipelining is a minimally-invasive “no-dig” method in which a resin-soaked felt tube is channeled down a manhole or existing point of entry. The tube is then pulled through the damaged pipe, lining it without disturbing the earth around it or your peace of mind.

What is PERMA-LINER™ “Trenchless” Pipe Lining?
Most people are unfamiliar with the term Trenchless Pipe Lining. Another commonly used term for this type of pipe lining method is “No-Dig”. These terms desicribe the process of splitting an old, worn out pipe while inserting a new one at the same time with minimal surface disruption – no digging of trenches. When One Call Plumbing Service employs the PERMA-LINER™ trenchless pipe lining method there is no need for jackhammering up floors, tearing down decks or destroying patios. By offering this revolutionary trenchless pipe lining system One Call Plumbing promises to keep your beautiful lawn and landscaping perfectly intact.

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